Something different

Typically, I create cute art. Occasionally I will venture away to another style. This cotton plant is not my usual style, but I thought it turned out nice, especially since I was working with a paint medium I am not familiar with. A few months back, I was talking with my art consultant Carol Eldridge. I happened to ask her what medium she prefers to work in. She said that she prefers gouache because it is so forgiving. You can visit her site here. Carol has been a licensed designer for over 20 years and does fabulous work. She also offers art licensing consultation services. You can find her art on many products throughout the giftware industry. Of course, after she told me about the paint, I just had to go out and buy some. I tried it a few months back, but was not able to spend a lot of time with it. My medium of choice is colored pencils and markers. However, today I decided to try my hand at gouache, again. Gouache is much like watercolor paint. It is a very forgiving. If you mess up you can just to dot the area with water and blot with a dry q-tip or a towel. Well off to work on something creative! Until next time~Carmen b.


  1. Hi Carmen, That is such a nice piece! They always told us in college that gouache was such a difficult medium, but in hindsight that is because they wanted us to use it in a very specific and inflexible way. But come to find out that gouache is sooo great as a watercolory paint! I believe we should use our mediums in whatever way works for us! Your cotton flower is awesome by the way!!

  2. Awe...Thanks Kathy!!! I enjoyed working on it. Since I am a self-taught artist, I am oblivious to the rules! Hehe! I like to do my own thing...I always have been kind of stubborn that way.:-)

    I am so excited to receive you item! I may post a word or two about it here. It will make a nice post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!