A Peek Into My Creative Space

Let me first say, My studio is NEVER this neat!!! Just a week ago, you could not even see the floor and it looked like a bomb had exploded! I did some Fall cleaning this weekend to prepare for the busy holiday season. A few of my online artist friends have shared their creative spaces, so I thought I would share mine. I figured now would be a good time to share them, since I can still see the floor! I am sure in a couple of weeks, that will not be the case!

In the above photo is my bookcase. I bought it at Americas Mart. One of the showrooms had some of their fixtures for sale. I bought it for $10 and painted it green and glazed it. I used a tension rod to drape some dot fabric over. It hides some books, papers and other what-nots. The black curtain behind the chair is my "make-shift" closet. I took two black sheets, cut a hole on each end of the seam and ran it across a piece of metal conduit. You can use PVC pipe, but electrical conduit is much cheaper.

This is another view. You can see the chandelier that I purchased at the flea market for $2 and painted it to match the room. Actually, my entire studio came from the flea market. By the way, it is located in the barn in the backyard. The walls are an old picket fence. My work table is a piece of cabinetry that was not finished. The curtains below hides my packaging supplies, file folders and the trash can.

This is the view of the window area. This is where I look out and watch the hummingbirds during the summer months. I also have my children's art work in the frames on either side. I need to have them draw me something new to update them.

I keep my pens, paint brushes, and other needed stuff in these buckets above my work area. I had my husband cut holes in a 1X4 board. I painted the board black. I used two metal brackets to mount on the wall. Notice, I love black! Every time it gets messy looking I just paint over it!

I hope you have enjoyed touring my creative spot!

Until next time!~Carmen b.