I feel like an elf this time a year, and if you look real close, you will probably see my ears starting to get pointed! Even though this is a busy time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas are still my most favorite seasons! I just wish we had some cooler weather, so that it would feel more like the holidays! I wanted to share a few projects I have been working on.. I have posted them to the left. The pots are great holiday gift ideas. I think I might give a few to my friends and family this year. I hope that all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to be thankful! The things that we take for granted...Family, friends, the small blessings in life-like running water...CLEAN running water...ha...and the coffee that I make with that water... that is a must have! Now I am just being silly. We do not always think of the smaller things... we just expect them to always be there! So this holiday...make sure you embrace your family and be truly thankful for all that we have! Until next time...~Carmen b.