Emily's Room

Well, I have been painting away since my last blog. I just got finished with Emily's room. It turned out really cute. I think Emily loves it. She is only 15 mo. old and she kept coming in the room and pointing at the ladybugs and saying "bug, bug". Emily, I hope you enjoy your new room for many years to come!
I also finished another wall hanging this week. I have not gotten the pictures for that yet. I will add a few when I do. I will be heading to Cameron next week to paint a few tractors on a wall. So check back with me to see what's new!

Where are my shades?

I did have to pull out the sunshades for this one!
Kinda bright, huh? I actually had a ball doing these canvases! Thank you Charlie for inspiring me! Of course, the artist in me LOVES the vibrant color. I hope all of you enjoy viewing these pics.

I did add a link to my favorites, www.monogrammomma.blogspot.com I love her. I ran across her while blog surfing. So check here out. I'll be back on another day!

Dress-up Diva

I had to share a photo of my little dress-up diva!
How silly! Check out the shoes! They are mine!