Initial Stuff

I recently had someone ask me if I had ever done metal pails. Actually, I have done lots of them. That is where my business got its start. I brought one of my hand-painted metal pails to work to give as a baby gift, and on my way in the door a friend of mine(who I did not know at the time) chased me down the hall and was ecstatic about my bucket and wanted to know where I got it. She just had to have one! That is when the painted craze started. I started selling my metal pails and one thing led to another and now I work full-time as an artist. Thank you Denise for that little nudge. I just got through painting the little pail in the picture this past week. I decided to put it in a picture with a few other items that can have initials put on them. A lot of times people will ask me to put designs on these items, but they really look good with just a pattern and an initial. Sometimes simple is best. Well, back to my creative thinking. (click on the picture to enlarge)