Hello 2011

Wow! I made it back to my blog and it has only been a week. Amazing!! I am FINALLY welcoming the New Year in writing! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year! The New Year is definitely a mile marker in time. It is a time to reflect back over our journey, whether good or bad. I have not made a New Year's resolution. I think New Year’s resolutions are good….If you are going to stick to it. Only a percentage of people that make a resolution actually follow through. They usually only last about two weeks and then it is forgotten!

Personally, I am more goal oriented. My goals do not start with a new year. Sure, I would like to achieve most of them within a year’s time, but I have to be realistic. I think often times people set high goals for themselves, and when they don’t reach them instantly, they give up. Not to say that I have never given up. I give up EVERDAY!! I sometimes throw paint brushes at the wall and scream in frustration!!!! Then I realize, I am made for this and I go back to the drawing board.

I believe that when you set your goals, you should write them down. I once read, “A goal, not in writing, is simply a wish.” So write down the things you want to accomplish…But, be realistic. I do have my goals in writing and I have a check list to get there. I am quite sure it will not all happen within the year! Of course, I do believe in miracles, but not banking on it. Hehe!
So what goals have you set for yourself?

Hopefully all your goals for the future will be successful!

Until next time!~Carmen b.