GIVE-AWAY-Sharing The Cuteness

Ok...I know...I am a terrible blogger! Just know that I have been insanely busy working on NEW art!  I  can't wait until I can share!

 I am so excited about spring! All of my flowers are just blooming away! Spring just brings me new energy and I feel like I could just conquer the world! Since I am in such an energetic mood, I decided to share some of my cuteness with you! I painted all of these buckets last night..Yes, you read correct....LAST NIGHT!  Not sure what has got into me, but I decided to take a break from my collection development to just have fun and JUST paint!!

 I have posted these beach buckets and I am going to give away ONE of them to ONE LUCKY WINNER!  I will personalize it for the winner.  Here is how to enter: You can enter in one of three ways:

1) Leave a comment here

2) Leave a comment on my facebook page under the giveaway status.

3) Copy and paste this to your twitter status:
  RT @carmenbrunson Enter to win ONE hand-painted beach bucket #giveaway

You can increase your chances to win by doing ALL three!

I  will draw the winner on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Good Luck!
April Free Boone is the winner of the Beach bucket!  Thank you all for you comments!

Until next time~Carmen b.