Guess Who I had Lunch With?!

I was SO thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Harrison for lunch a few weeks ago!!

Jim Harrison is an established artist and writer that has more than 100 limited edition reproductions to his name. His work captures an era that we all wish America would return to. He has a full bio on his website here: His work is absolutely beautiful so please take a few minutes to visit his website and his amazing work!

 Jim's studio is just minutes from mine! Of course, much nicer than mine! :o) I was so delighted to have the opportunity share this day with him.

Our work soooo different, but our habits are NOT! During our visit, I learned that he, too, is a night owl!  Sometimes working until 2-3 in the morning,  Which is the time that I get my best work done.  Words could never express my appreciation for him sharing his career experiences with me! Thanks so much for inviting me for lunch, Jim!

Until next time~Carmen b.