Bye bye 2009 Hellooooo 2010

I know I haven't posted since November because the Holidays were a whirlwind for me...I love that time of year, However, I am usually happy to see it go. 2009 was quite the year..I have learned a lot this year and might I say that I feel like a have checked off a few goals that I set for myself. One major goal was getting my website up! I wanted to be part of cyberspace, so that I could be available to you via the web. So, I must say Bye, bye to 2009 and Helloooo to 2010!

I have so many plans for the New Year..Soooo much is going through my mind ... Especially how I will be changing some things about my business this year ...I have not formally announced it, but I have decided to NOT do murals this year. It is a bitter sweet decision for me because I have met so many wonderful people and developed so many friendships through that part of my business. That is a phase of my career that I feel has developed my skill and it was good while it lasted. However, I think I should move forward to new horizons. At this point, I have not made up my mind as to where I want to go with my art, but I can assure I WILL go somewhere with it. I just need to decide on the direction. I am giving much prayer to this decision and we will just see where it takes me! As for now I will be working from my website...I will continue to sell my gift items and reproduce art from the website...

Although I will still have my regular website, I guess now would be a good time to announce my etsy site... I will post a screen shot to the left for you... I have not added any thing to the shop yet, because I am still working on the demographics of the site. I am so glad to be a part of the etsy world.... a world that I am so passionate about. There are so many talented artist there. I have been networking with a few artist on there and I feel like this will be a good decision for me.

I am sooooo excited about 2010 and all that it may bring!!!!!

Until next time~ Carmen b.

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  1. Congratulations on opening an etsy shop and all the plans for 2010. I understand it must be hard to make some creative decisions (like not doing murals this year), I am on the same boat as well...its hard but if we want other creative endeavors to grow, we must make those decisions. Best of luck to you and all the best in 2010 :-)